15 Oktober, 2010

Mutiara Hikmah English Version


Someone glory it depends on the quality of their religion, their minds and intelligence duties.
But he was quite respectable only by the glory ruqyah. (H.R AHMAD)

Forgiveness: Applies was polite and forgive every person who ever hurt you. do not reciprocate with similar ugliness. because by forgiving them, it means you have excess diasat their world and the hereafter. (Advice of Al-Imam malik gold To the Caliph Al-Rashid)

When The Morning: Myrtle dipucuk trees, below the horizon behind the dancing sparrow .. Bird .. coconut palm trees waving in the morning breeze caressed the trees bring the feel peace of mind .. .. .. the spirit and hope every morning we begin life with basmalah for tuk reach a peaceful heart with renewed hope.

The smile on your fatigue on: Life has taught us about the meaning beryukur at dawn today, also about hard work diterik afternoon, as dusk approached, and feel peaceful sleep in the night HE katika tau ragamu tired today, HE tau also reduced rations should relax you enjoy., HE really know even more than you know .... but you have to keep smiling because your smile .... rewarded with a smile.

Patience: Smile Pls he received the disaster, did not complain of God the will of the which is given to us always think Positively to God. and That Is Important to take the silver lining Because Provide a terbail will of God for his servant. 

Be patient, it is difficult indeed for us to carry it out, but behind it there must be a glimmer of patience we will find pleasure, because Allah loves those who are patient.

Door of Happiness: When the door of happiness happiness is closed, another door opened. but often we stare too long at the closed door so as not to see another door that opened to us.

Facing Social Attitudes Jealousy: Jealous of social relation is more to heart is someone, usually caused by envy, jealousy and so forth. the solution may be granted only as usual, still greet and also the other

Thank You 

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