10 Oktober, 2010

My Wedding

Getting married is a dream of all people!

and day. . . .
Thursday, 16 September 2010. is a historic day for me, now I have opened a new wide with her ​​husband. And I got married at a very young age of 19 years.

But unfortunately, many families and friends who do not come, I was so sad. it seems only us and my friends who welcome this happiness some people around me do not care about this wedding. like there is envy and. . . . so I guess disclose negative news about the wedding.

My age and my husband varying About 10 Years. . . Even More.
I do not care about the age difference between us, the joys and sorrows we have been living together since we were dating, I love my husband

I say my gratitude to my beloved family,
My friends who came to attend the wedding,
As well as people who join are happy,
and lastly to my husband's beloved
thank you very much. . . . .

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